FTM predictions game
The Scarab Finance Team is happy to announce the first predictions game on Fantom Opera Network!!
In this incredibly fun game, our users will be able to test their market analysis skills, for the change to make profits! In the world of DeFi there really aren’t many ways to acquire short positions, leaving users stumped on how to make profit in a bear market, by wagering on decreasing prices. Say goodbye to that issue thanks to the brand-new Scarab predictions game!
So how does it all work? -Every 15 minutes there will be a game occurring. In the first 14 minutes, players will be able to make their predictions, and in the final minute positions close and there’s a one-minute waiting period for the results. -Positions can be bullish, neutral or bearish accounting for what you believe is the most probable result. Your odds and rewards will be calculated based on what other players predict. Let’s say for example that the predictions are as follows: 1000 dollars on bullish, 500 dollars on neutral and 2000 dollars on bearish, that will mean should the results come out bullish, the rewards the players in bullish positions receive will be 2500 dollars distributed across all the players with that position. The following function is responsible for calculating rewards:
In our predictions game everything is decentralized, you’re not playing against us, our players will be playing against each other and the rewards for the winners will be distributed from the funds other players placed for their predictions. We charge a 10% fee for every prediction, since we do not receive any funds from players losing on their predictions, we only receive these fees. What happens if I make a prediction and in those 5 minutes nobody makes a prediction for that period? In that case all of your funds including the 10% fee will be returned to you once the results are drawn.
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