Provide LP

There is currently a SCARAB-FTM pair on spiritswap that was not deployed by the devs and you cannot use the LP from that pair to stake in Scarab Finance Farms. Only the LPs from SpiritSwap will be usable upon launch. This may be subject to change in the future
In order to provide Liquidity, we first have to purchase either SCARAB or GSCARAB (have a look at our "How to buy SCARAB section if you need help in doing so), depending on which you want to provide liquidity for.
Providing liquidity is possible on SpiritSwap. Head over to the Liquidity tab on the left side of your screen. Connect your wallet (Make sure your Metamask is on the FTM Network). Now you have to choose the tokens you wish to add liquidity with. For the first, select FTM and the second, choose either SCARAB OR GSCARAB. If SCARAB or GSCARAB do not show up, please copy/paste the address shown below manually.
Click on supply and accept the transaction in your wallet.
Now that you have provided LP, you can head over to Scarab Finance and farm your LP's.