SinSpirit Vaults

The Best Yield Optimizer Vaults on Fantom Opera Mainnet

SinVault LPs

SinVault LPs or as they wer previously called "Shares Tokens" represent your share of the assets contained in the vault.
You trying to withdraw?
And surprised this does not macth your LP Value?
Those are vault shares. A common method of tracking who owns how much of a vault or pool. Your vault shares indicate how big of a share of the total crypt your deposit entitles you to.
So, when you are withdrawing your assets you are reducing your share of the vault and thus, your total vault shares.
It's a little confusing because the number of shares you have will be completely different from the amount of assets you deposited. But in practice its pretty simple!
If you want to withdraw half of your total deposit, just withdraw half of your shares!
Last modified 8mo ago